Thursday, November 25, 2010

Na Hanyate by Rupam Islam


Na Hanyate

Laal Golaap


Kokhono E Pothey


Bhyapsha Blues

Joan Of Arc


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  1. @Riju said...
    @Mrinmoy This is an immortal album...Pls Remove your files so that people would buy this album;otherwise we won't get this type of albums from Rupamda...Delete ASAP...

    WTF copyright means....Everybody has right to copy. It has meany avenues today. Torrentz,warez,usenet binaries and forums..buying music WTF its crap today!:))

  2. LOL ^^ who cares to buy CDS! Nice effort ! keep posting as soon as release available on store. Good Job done :)

  3. ROFLMAO! Kick Riju's arse :))

  4. to people who are asking the uploader to delete the links---why are you in this blog in the first place? you already know that music albums will be shared stfu

    also not everyone has means, for example, money or availability (for people living abroad) to buy albums.

  5. "HATZ OFF" Rupam Da

  6. this website is aaaawwwwwweeeeeee-some

  7. i am deepakraaj mob 9709852800 ....... Sad i thine

  8. You cannot decide your own policies and ask users to agree to it before downloading.
    This is piracy at its best.
    Look out.

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